Above Par

Stop Underperforming in 2022

January 05, 2022 Kathy Hart Wood Episode 50
Above Par
Stop Underperforming in 2022
Show Notes

No resolutions. You might decide it is time to lose weight, get in shape or win the club championship this year, but no more underperforming.

You underperform when you know you can do better but you just get in your own way.

And it is frustrating and disappointing...and becomes a habit.

In this episode, I share with you the steps to take to stop underperforming.  It begins with you being curious about one small thing and going through the three phases of awareness.

2022 is the year to stop underperforming and I get you started right here.

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Golf reveals our ability to manage our mind.
Sometimes we just don't know where to focus our time and energy to  build a strong mental game.
But I got you
I created a quiz called "How Strong is Your Mental Game".  Based on your answers, you'll get directed to a page with some mental game advice specifically for you.   
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