Above Par

3 Traits of a Self-Confident Golfer

June 23, 2021 Kathy Hart Wood Episode 23
Above Par
3 Traits of a Self-Confident Golfer
Show Notes

This is the second part of the Confident Golfer series.

In this podcast, I share the 3 traits of a self-confident golfers/person.

Everyone is looking for more self-confidence, especially on the golf course.  It is often thought that confidence only comes when we play well or score well.

That is not the case. Self-confidence is a skill that you can practice and build.
I promise it's available to you, and it starts with rehearsing the 3 traits I talk about in this episode.

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Golf reveals our ability to manage our mind.
Sometimes we just don't know where to focus our time and energy to  build a strong mental game.
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