Above Par

Scarcity Thoughts That Keep You Stuck

June 09, 2021 Kathy Hart Wood Episode 21
Above Par
Scarcity Thoughts That Keep You Stuck
Show Notes

If you ever find yourself stuck and not making improvements, it is worth look for scarcity thoughts.

They are subtle...and you think they are facts but they hold you back and limit your growth as a golfer.

In this episode, I shines a light on some common examples and give you ways to shift these thoughts so you an take your game to the next level.

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Golf reveals our ability to manage our mind.
Sometimes we just don't know where to focus our time and energy to  build a strong mental game.
But I got you
I created a quiz called "How Strong is Your Mental Game".  Based on your answers, you'll get directed to a page with some mental game advice specifically for you.   
Go to KathyHartWood.com/quiz  and you can take the quiz there.