Above Par

Slow Golfers, Slow Play and Being Slow

August 23, 2023 Kathy Hart Wood Episode 134
Above Par
Slow Golfers, Slow Play and Being Slow
Show Notes

If you play enough golf you are going to run into slow play or slow golfers. 

And, you may actually be a slow golfer.

In fact, many golfers fear being labeled as slow  to the point that it affects their performance and enjoyment of the game.

In this episode, I cover it all: 

  • waiting on slow golfers
  • playing slowly
  • fear of being a slow golfer

I describe 3 types of slow golfer scenarios that you likely have to deal with on the course.

You definitely want to get your head around slow play because without a plan you can get the rug pulled out from underneath you and derail a perfectly good round.

I share with you how to get ahead of slow play in this episode and how to reframe the way you look at slow golfers.

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