Above Par

How to Stop Choking on the Golf Course

August 17, 2022 Kathy Hart Wood Episode 82
Above Par
How to Stop Choking on the Golf Course
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Do you feel as if other people perform better under pressure than you?
When there is a clutch putt or shot to be made, it can seem like certain players handle those moments with a sense of determination and focus while others struggle or "choke".

If you feel like you choke under pressure on the golf course, this podcast is for you.
I put my spin on choking and what differentiates a player who excels under pressure versus one who crumbles.

I share three steps to start performing better under pressure including a few tactics to help build your focus muscle on the golf course.

I also give you some ideas to start looking into areas of your life where you already have the skill required to perform under pressure.

If you want help performing better under pressure, visit KathyHartWood.com

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